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Everyone's talking about favourite Pratchett quotes today.

Nobody appear to love my own favourite:

* ...the fastest animal on the Disc is the extremely neurotic Ambiguous Puzuma, which moves so fast that it can actually achieve near-lightspeed in the Disc's magical field. This means that if you can see a puzuma, it isn't there. Most male puzumas die young of acute ankle failure caused by running very fast after females which aren't there, and, of course, achieving suicidal mass in accordance with relativistic theory. The rest of them die of Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle, since it is impossible for them to know who they are and where they are at the same time, and the see-sawing loss of concentration this engenders means that the puzuma only achieves a sense of identity when it is at rest -- usually about fifty feet into the rubble of what remains of the mountain it just ran into at near light-speed. The puzuma is rumoured to be about the size of a leopard with a rather unique black and white check coat, although those specimens discovered by the Disc's sages and philosophers have inclined them to declare that in its natural state the puzuma is flat, very thin, and dead."
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Waaaaay back in the day [personal profile] foxfirefey did a mountain of work to help me get a simple full-width style going. I've customised that further to get rid of things like the calendar, related links, page summary, tag list, etc - all things I don't want on any given page - and right now my Reading and Recent pages look decent.

My comments style, though, is a hot damn mess. And I'm really not sure how to fix it.

EDIT: As well, I've figured out how to change the "manage stuffs" items from icons to text and back, but I can't seem to figure out how to customise WHICH ONES appear. I never, ever, ever want to touch the "memories" button, there's absolutely zero point in having it on every page.
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So I didn't change anything, literally, at all, over at Livejournal, but now I can't see comments there. I see how many comments there are, and if I click the "reply directly" link in the comment email I can see the comment while I'm replying, but once I reply the comment count goes up by one and all comments vanish again.


(I've NEVER been able to see "Likes" but that's because I use an S1 style that doesn't support them, and I don't miss that. "can't see comments at all", I miss.)
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It turns out megadoses of Vitamin C might *actually* cure (some) cancer.

Short version: Taking it orally is bullshit unless you have kidney failure because your gut will filter it and all you get is expensive urine. But given INTRAVENOUSLY, it gets to cells, decomposes to hydrogen peroxide, and is then filtered out before it can kill a healthy cell.

Tumour cells? Not so good at filtering out peroxide. So the peroxide kills them.

(This is a duplicate because I'm testing crossposting. I'll leave this one up.)
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Just a test. Let's see if this goes properly to Dreamwidth.
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Went to see Sing. I have to say, it's *exactly* what it looks like: A Dreamworks knockoff of Zootopia, with music videos.

And that's not bad?

First, the bad: It's a Dreamworks movie, meaning it does all the things Dreamworks does. The characters make the Dreamworks face, every last funny bit is in the trailer, every last plot point is in the trailer. If it weren't for the music, you could watch the trailer, save yourself an hour and a half, and get *everything* worth watching.

Second, the good: unlike most Dreamworks movies, this one has the music, and unlike most Dreamworks movies, it *uses* all the character bits it sets up. The entire movie is a setup to do half an hour of music videos with character payoffs they built up through the rest of the film.

So, on the whole, fun? Also gets mad points for being The Only Good Kind Of Musical: One where the characters sing because *the characters are singing*.
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So, I got about 25 "a game on your wishlist is on sale" notifications, and steam's store is down completely.

It must be Christmas!
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Trump's national security advisor meets with leaders of Austrian Nazi Party. Who not only are literally a Nazi party, founded by Nazis, currently holding Nazi positions and running literal neo-nazi candidates, but who also announced that they're working closely with Vladimir Putin and the Russian government.

Also, holy fuck, Teen Vogue is doing *actual journalism* in an era where the New York Times is falling down on the job. And this creates a problem, because I'm a near-middleaged man, saying I'm reading Teen Vogue "for the articles" gets me so many weird looks.

(Seriously, Teen Vogue = some really great reporting on the ongoing neo-nazi catastrophe that is Donald Trump.)
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Cowardly facist-appeaser John O'Neill of Black Gate censors accurate Foz Meadows essay, after a complaint *so blatantly absurd* that even a dumbshit like John O'Neill must have noticed it was nonsense. Of course, O'Neill used to publish the neo-Nazi in question, despite his famously citing the Holocaust as a simple means by which the USA should rid itself of hispanics, and his enthusiastic endorsement of the specific white supremacist statments of neo-Nazism, so all the evidence before this shows O'Neill is PRETTY GODDAMN STUPID, but not even he's THAT stupid.

via [ profile] james_nicoll
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Sofia Vergara sued by her unborn children her psycho stalker abusive ex-husband, Nick Loeb, to force her to have children with him.

Working off the stupid-assed ignorant theory (Louisiana law, but I repeat myself) that single-celled organisms are humans with rights, Loeb is abusing the courts to attempt to force Vergara to remain in his life after she dumped him, and to have children with him that will allow him access to her money.


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