Jan. 5th, 2017

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Went to see Sing. I have to say, it's *exactly* what it looks like: A Dreamworks knockoff of Zootopia, with music videos.

And that's not bad?

First, the bad: It's a Dreamworks movie, meaning it does all the things Dreamworks does. The characters make the Dreamworks face, every last funny bit is in the trailer, every last plot point is in the trailer. If it weren't for the music, you could watch the trailer, save yourself an hour and a half, and get *everything* worth watching.

Second, the good: unlike most Dreamworks movies, this one has the music, and unlike most Dreamworks movies, it *uses* all the character bits it sets up. The entire movie is a setup to do half an hour of music videos with character payoffs they built up through the rest of the film.

So, on the whole, fun? Also gets mad points for being The Only Good Kind Of Musical: One where the characters sing because *the characters are singing*.


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