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Date: 2017-05-09 11:32 am (UTC)
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Did a bit of digging. France, being France, actually reports full results instead of what the anglophone media does
Election présidentielle 2017

They count both %age of valid votes and %age of total eligible voters, and it's my understanding that unlike in the UK the number of eligible voters is close to accurate whereas our registers are bloody awful (I know nothing of the Canadian system here but ours our out of date before they're even printed).

She got 22.4% of eligible voters. 6.35% (3,019,724) deliberately left their paper blank and another 1,049,532 (2.2%) spoilt their ballot: there was a campaign to leave blank ballots, Macron is far too liberal for a lot of French voters—it was very clear he was going to win, if it had looked close that would have got less traction.

22.4% is a fuck of a lot of fascist idiots but my utterly useless and borderline fascist PM is polling at 45% plus in our completely unnecessary election, we're truly fucked now.
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