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Bad news: The Alzheimer's drug isn't curing Alzheimer's the way we wanted.
Good news: It makes your teeth grow back?
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Arkansas passes law allowing your rapist or your father[1] to sue you to prevent an abortion.

[1]: To be fair, Arkansas is a Repubican-voting state. Those are ALMOST CERTAINLY the same person.
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Did you know that The Atlantic was founded in the mid 19th century? And that they have an author page for the articles Frederick Douglass wrote for them?

(And also that trump and Spicer both clearly have NO IDEA who Douglass was, or that he's dead and not a current figure. But let's leave the racist idiots aside and bask in "the greatest American of the 19th century also wrote essays for a current magazine")
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There's something I'm desperately waiting for Marvel movies to use again.

There will be, at some point, an EPIC Hugo Weaving reveal, as the Red Skull returns. Everyone (including Captain America, who saw it happen) thinks the Red Skull touched the Tesseract and was disintegrated.

..... but that's not what happened. You won't see that special effect again until TWO MOVIES LATER, and it's not called out when it happens. No connection is made by the characters, but the visual FX are *absolutely identical*.

The Red Skull does not vanish because the Tesseract disintegrates him. He touches the Tesseract and disappears in a vertical beam, shimmering in all the colours of visible light. That's not disintegration.

That's a bridge. A rainbow bridge. The Red Skull is carried off by BIFROST.

And oh yes, he's coming back.
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Northumbria University fined 400,000 GBP after a an experiment intended to study the effects of caffeine on exercise gave two volunteers 30g of caffeine each, instead of 0.3g.

(This is 2-4x the LD50 of caffeine in humans, BTW.)

The lab had switched to using powdered caffeine instead of tablets, and did the dose calculation on a mobile phone app, and neglected the decimal places. And nobody thought "hey, taking caffeine powder doses like it's a Costco-sized bottle of protein powder, that's MAYBE A LITTLE WEIRD?"
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OK, fixed crossposting again. Sheesh.
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Everyone's talking about favourite Pratchett quotes today.

Nobody appear to love my own favourite:

* ...the fastest animal on the Disc is the extremely neurotic Ambiguous Puzuma, which moves so fast that it can actually achieve near-lightspeed in the Disc's magical field. This means that if you can see a puzuma, it isn't there. Most male puzumas die young of acute ankle failure caused by running very fast after females which aren't there, and, of course, achieving suicidal mass in accordance with relativistic theory. The rest of them die of Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle, since it is impossible for them to know who they are and where they are at the same time, and the see-sawing loss of concentration this engenders means that the puzuma only achieves a sense of identity when it is at rest -- usually about fifty feet into the rubble of what remains of the mountain it just ran into at near light-speed. The puzuma is rumoured to be about the size of a leopard with a rather unique black and white check coat, although those specimens discovered by the Disc's sages and philosophers have inclined them to declare that in its natural state the puzuma is flat, very thin, and dead."
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Waaaaay back in the day [personal profile] foxfirefey did a mountain of work to help me get a simple full-width style going. I've customised that further to get rid of things like the calendar, related links, page summary, tag list, etc - all things I don't want on any given page - and right now my Reading and Recent pages look decent.

My comments style, though, is a hot damn mess. And I'm really not sure how to fix it.

EDIT: As well, I've figured out how to change the "manage stuffs" items from icons to text and back, but I can't seem to figure out how to customise WHICH ONES appear. I never, ever, ever want to touch the "memories" button, there's absolutely zero point in having it on every page.
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So I didn't change anything, literally, at all, over at Livejournal, but now I can't see comments there. I see how many comments there are, and if I click the "reply directly" link in the comment email I can see the comment while I'm replying, but once I reply the comment count goes up by one and all comments vanish again.


(I've NEVER been able to see "Likes" but that's because I use an S1 style that doesn't support them, and I don't miss that. "can't see comments at all", I miss.)
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It turns out megadoses of Vitamin C might *actually* cure (some) cancer.

Short version: Taking it orally is bullshit unless you have kidney failure because your gut will filter it and all you get is expensive urine. But given INTRAVENOUSLY, it gets to cells, decomposes to hydrogen peroxide, and is then filtered out before it can kill a healthy cell.

Tumour cells? Not so good at filtering out peroxide. So the peroxide kills them.

(This is a duplicate because I'm testing crossposting. I'll leave this one up.)
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Just a test. Let's see if this goes properly to Dreamwidth.


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